Top Most Challenging Ski Areas in North america

These are the ski areas that respondents said offer the most difficult runs. Participants took into consideration vertical drop, terrain variety and difficulty including glades and off-piste and snow conditions.

  • #1 Magic Mountain, VT
  • #2 Bald Mountain, ID
  • #3 Titus Mountain, NY
  • #4 Mad River Glen, VT
  • #5 Jackson Hole, WY
  • #6 Eagle Point, UT
  • #7 Pebble Creek, ID
  • #8 Mount Bohemia, MI
  • #9 Snowbird, UT
  • #10 Treetops Resort, MI

Best kept secret in VT. This mountain has a great old school vibe and a great mountain community.

Image courtesy of Magic Mountain

Inexpensive, good terrain, not overly populated.

Image courtesy of Bald Mountain

Titus is a great confidence builder! They keep safety first and have incredible snow conditions.

Image courtesy of Titus Mountain

Ski it if you can.

Image courtesy of Jeb Wallace-Brodeur

Plenty of natural snowfall throughout the season.

Image courtesy of Jackson Hole

Mild slopes, few crowds and very friendly staff.

Image courtesy of Eagle Point

Wicked awesome runs that are challenging and as fast as you can handle. It pushes you to excellence quick.

Image courtesy of Mount Bohemia

Snowfall is unbelievable. Nothing can rival this mountain for consistent snowfall.

Image courtesy of Snowbird

Perfect size to let the kids have freedom but still be able to keep track of everyone.

Image courtesy of Treetops Resort

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